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Iedereen Leest connects people and organisations to create (local) networks and communities that focus on improving the reading engagement of children and (young) adults in Flanders and Brussels. The organisation was founded by the Flemish government and is funded by Flanders Literature (the Flemish fund for literature). Since 2014, the non-profit organisation has implemented its policy for nurturing lifelong readers in close collaboration with Flanders Literature.

© Michiel Devijver & Iedereen Leest

Iedereen Leest is a core member of BoekenOverleg. This consultation platform, with representatives of all major players in the book trade, strives to develop common positions and defend the interests of the book and literature sectors. Iedereen Leest is also a founding member of the non-profit organisation Vlaamse Literatuurprijs, which presents the annual literary awards De Boon since 2022.

Iedereen Leest collaborates with various organisations within and outside the field of literature for the implementation of its programmes and campaigns. Most of its partners work in culture, education, or welfare. At policy level, Iedereen Leest works in close consultation with government departments. The organisation also partners with cultural educational organisations, educational and training institutions, for the development of training and refresher courses.

Through its academic network of universities and universities of applied sciences Iedereen Leest follows up on research and develops expertise in the fields of reading, nurturing lifelong readers and children’s literature. It is also a partner in training and lifelong learning initiatives set up by education partners and a member of various steering and advisory committees.


© Simon Bequoye & Iedereen Leest

Iedereen Leest is a member of the EU Read European network, a consortium of reading organisations that wants to exchange knowledge and develop new strategies for establishing lifelong reader engagement.

Iedereen Leest is also a member of  IBBY, the International Board on Books for Young People. This international network of organisations strives to bring books and children together. IBBY wants every child to have access to books. The network was founded in 1953 and now has national sections in 80 countries. The Belgian section has two branches, namely IBBY-Vlaanderen and IBBY-Belgique francophone.

As the coordinator of Boekstart in Flanders, Iedereen Leest also participates in the Global Network for Early Years Bookgifting, a network of early childhood programmes providing free books and reading guidance to promote shared reading.

Together with FARO, Flemish interface for cultural heritage, and Museum dr. Guislain, Iedereen Leest teams up to organise an international conference Culture & Mental Health. In November 2024, a second edition will be held.